Rosewood House
7 Kyle Road, Bensham, Gateshead, NE8 2YE

0191 460 6000
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Why Choose Us

Why Rosewood House

At Rosewood House we consider all of us, staff and residents, as a family and this is what separates us from other homes.

We’re more than just a community at Rosewood House, everyone genuinely cares for one another which is why all our residents love it here. Step inside and you’ll immediately hear singing , laughter and experience a warm and welcoming  environment we’ve worked hard to achieve.

Residents find it easy to talk to our staff, many of them are friends; they fully trust us with their health and well-being and we don’t disappoint. All our staff with happily go out of their way to add comfort to our residents lives whether it be coming in and having a good chat or setting up a TV in their rooms.

Staff deal with all types of accidents and incidents quickly at Rosewood house because we care, your loved one is also protected from any bullying or abuse that could happen in other environments. Staff know our residents health needs and personal preferences and give you as much choice and control as possible. They are often asked for their likes and needs if things change. We believe that it is important to give our residents as much freedom as possible while keeping them safe regardless of any disabilities or needs.

Rosewood House is full of well trained and qualified staff and we’re more than capable of taking care of your loved one, in fact we’d love care without compromise.

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