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Care We Offer

Types of care at Rosewood House

General Nursing Care

Our general nursing staff is here you help your loved one. They perform task such as assisting residents with bathing and dressing, providing doctor-ordered medicine and treatments, collecting fluid samples, and overseeing the general well-being of your your loved one.

Residential Care

At Rosewood House, our residential carers provide a safe, warm and friendly environment with support for daily tasks such as washing, cleaning and laundry. In our home, we work to create a welcoming atmosphere in which residents enjoy activities, go on outings and make friends with other residents. However, we recognise that residents have very individual requirements and our care homes provide a range of care services to help meet these needs.

Dementia Care 

We provide specialist dementia care at Rosewood House. We have a great understanding of dementia patians and with this knowledge we’re cable of  effectively caring for them. We know specific challenges that people with dementia face  and train our staff so that they can provide professional and compassionate care and support to both residents and their families. We know that not all dementia patients are the same so we work to understand how they’re affected and build our care upon that.


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