Rosewood House
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Our Food Menu

About Our Food

The older we get the more important it is to eat well and keep ourselves hydrated to stay healthy and happy. Dining helps us socialise as well as have a high standard of living.

At Rosewood House we take this into heart and we realise that we must provide the best catering service we can for our residents. Our qualified chefs make delicious and nutritional meals for our residence taking keeping in mind of any cultural preferences and tastes. Residents have a huge selection of food to choose from daily to keep meals diverse and never boring.

Our chefs take note of any dietary requirements and taste when you arrive at Rosewood house and will make meals catered to your loved ones if need be. We’re keen on learning what your loved one likes, dislikes and whether we can tempt them to trying something new.

Below is an example of a certain week’s menu, this changes however so you shouldn’t expect the same meal on that day.

Proper Menu