Rosewood House
7 Kyle Road, Bensham, Gateshead, NE8 2YE

0191 460 6000
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Inside Rosewood

Inside Rosewood House

Rosewood House is a new build and with this comes a modern design that can’t be missed.

The home has six lounge areas for residents with large bay windows overlooking our sensory garden. The view is quite scenic and we’re proud of what we’ve accomplished in the garden.

All bedrooms are fully furnished and are full en-suite wet rooms which are wheelchair accessible. We encourage our residents to bring their own belongings as this will help them adjust as well as make the home feel like home; somewhere they can fell safe, comfortable and at ease

All our courtyard rooms open into a safe, enclosed sensory garden with easy list and ramp access.

Residents are never too far away from a safe exit from the building should it ever become necessary.

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